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My strong belief in an afterlife is rooted in my many personal paranormal encounters with my deceased Grandmother whom often visits and communicates with me in my dreams.  I will never forget my first memory of a dream in which she visited me.  She had been gone roughly a year when I met my husband to be.  From the moment we met, sparks flew.  It was no wonder my Grandmother couldn't wait to tell me the good news about my future.  In the quiet moments, answers are given to us if we only take the time to stop and listen.  My Grandmother has now visited me numerous times, leaving me to believe with conviction that there is an afterlife.  My dreams opened up a new world for me, inspiring my literary works.

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Jo Hammers is an award winning author who graduated from Wedgewood College and has written more than twelve paranormal books for young adults. Her love of books began as a small child, when she found ghost stories un-resistible. Spurred on by her passion for the paranormal, she became a full time writer and currently lives in The Ozark Mountains. When not writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and pursuing other art mediums. 

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JJ Hull is an award winning author who graduated from Missouri Southern State University with a degree in Business Administration. Long before ending her flourishing career in the banking industry, Hull dedicated as much time as possible to her past time, writing. When Hull created the plot for the Keeper Saga in 2009, she found herself completely enthralled with the story line. Spurred on by the love for her developing characters, Hull became a full time writer often rising before her children and writing late into the night. Hull now lives with her husband and two young sons in Arkansas. When not writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and volunteering for local charities. 

My Crossroads

I decided to start Paranormal Crossroads & Publishing in the pursuit of publishing my eight book series, The Keeper Saga.  I began writing my saga in the Fall of 2009 and it reflects my firm belief that God, angels, ghosts, and deceased loved ones can spiritually guide those who are open to visitations.  An afterlife exists, thus leaving those on earth with communication more commonly thought of as paranormal experiences.