Amish Night Traveler, Black Lightening (Book 5) 

by Jo Hammers

Sarah Yoder, an Amish seventeen year old psychic, had been branded as a witch by her fiancé John and his mother Maggie Lapp. On the eve of her wedding, her fiancé slaps her so hard; she falls up against a wall. He demands that she burn her wedding quilt, which he declares to have been made by the hands of a witch. Rather than go thru with her marriage, Sarah takes her treasured quilt and runs away. Being two weeks from being eighteen, she feels she needs to survive till then. If she remains at home, she fears her father will horse whip her with his buggy whip making her go thru with her wedding vows. Running away, she encounters mystical beings and the land of the walking dead. Sarah Yoder is psychic, but doesn’t realize it. She unexpectedly takes a frightening night venture into the in-between world.

Christmas Comes Knocking, Zeek's Feet Detective Agency (Book 3) by Jo Hammers

A bachelor detective purposely rents a remote cabin, fifty miles from nowhere, to escape the Christmas traditions of the Protestants and Catholics in Chicago. Being starchy Jewish, he holds a personal disgust for those belieiving in fairytale figures like St. Nicholas. A December blizzard occurs. To his dismay, he is imposed on by a group of stranded Christmas crazy Protestant travelers seeking shelter from severe, whiteout, weather conditions. A mystical event occurs, and a portal door opens. It does not lead to Moses, the Red Sea, Jerusalem, the Christian's manger, or Santa's Land of Elves. Detective Edmond Marsh finds himself confronting the living dead, as well as a Christmas Boogie Man.

Silent Wings, Zeek's Feet Detective Agency (Book 1) 

by Jo Hammers

My name is Zeke. As a teenager, I was a window peeper. My teachers always said I was curious as a cat. I peeped in school closets and strange doors. It was more that curiosity. I found what was missing in my life looking in the windows of others. The following confession is about my career as a window peeper during my last three years of high school. My family was the lowest form of white trash being drunks and makers of meth. I hated my family and peeped in the windows of others and dreamed of having a respectable life. I had big eyes, but silent wings. A boy must learn to fly and become a man with eyes focused on the future and not in wishful wanting of what is seen thru the windows of others. This is the story of my survival in the white trash gutter, the earning of my wings, and becoming a man.

The Black Lightening Series 

Seven Secret Wives, Black Lightening (Book 1)

by Jo Hammers

Seven Secret Wives is the story of an Amish farm wife who is pushed down violently by her mentally ill husband. Landing on her very large, pregnant belly, she loses a seven month old daughter who lives fifteen minutes in her arms. Her asthmatic, five year old son runs for help to a neighboring farm and dies from exposure to the elements. In one week, Naomi Toombs buries two children and her husband walks away in the morning rain and disappears. For five years, she waits for him to return; thinking he is schizophrenic. Deciding that her husband has to be dead, she decides to make a new life for herself amongst the English. A chain of events lead Naomi to the discovery that her husband is not dead, but has seven secrets. Black Lightning strikes and angels cry.

Tales of Pee Pot Pollies and Paper Dollies

by Jo Hammers

My name is Jo Hammers and I live in a cabin in the Ozark Mountains with my dolls and depression days memories. This little homespun book is my way to share with you, my interest in dolls. Many of the stories were inspired by my childhood moments in play. Some are fantasy. Let the doll lover in you embrace the doll lover in me. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we are always little girls at heart.

Alien Encounters Series 

Grey Feather's Fog, Alien Encounters Series (Book 1) 

by Jo Hammers

Pansy Sky Walker, a Weelo Indian Woman, discovers a stranger setting in the middle of a small desert road holding his head. Having no memory of who he is, he accompanies Pansy to the reservation where she convinces him that he is a Native American. After embracing the Weelo culture, memories of his former life begin to flood back. Will he trade the life he has for the life that once was?

The Keeper Saga 

The Amish Witch's Quilt, Black Lightening (Book 4)

by Jo Hammers

It was Halloween in the land of the English. To Sarah Yoder, of the Amish community, the date had a different meaning. It was the eve of her wedding and time to spread her wedding quilt on the bed her and her fiancé John would share after they were married at noon on November first. As she readied her tiny cottage for her new life, a knock sounded. Opening the door, she found herself confronted by a demon in human flesh. The eve of Sarah Yoder’s marriage suddenly turned into a fright night adventure into the land of the walking dead. Sarah’s Amish fiancé brands her a witch and demands she burn her treasured, wedding quilt. He insists the hands of a witch have done the sewing and he will not sleep beneath it. A bride gets slapped and a groom gets dumped. One wedding quilt, and its magic, survives.

Moon Dance Sleeps, Alien Encounters Series (Book 2) 

by Jo Hammers

Moon Dance, an alien three eyed female being from planet Weelo, was stranded on Earth after her space ship, Noah I, crashed. She was a renowned scientist who was harvesting animals and plants from Earth to study. While waiting for another space craft from Planet Weelo to come and rescue her, she stepped down thru centuries of time incarnating to survive. In her last life as a Native American medicine woman, she fell in love with a human named Michael Haven Gray Feather. He betrayed Moon Dance by making love to a younger woman and having a child by her. When it seemed Moon Dance and Gray Feather might get back together, he married an older woman of the tribe shattering Moon Dance’s heart. When her rescue spacecraft finally did arrive, she refused to board. She couldn’t bear the thought of accompanying Gray Feather and his new bride on a long space journey home. Moon Dance remained on Earth and step down thru the centuries again incarnating till another rescue spacecraft could be sent for her. In the Southwest, along the Rio Grande, Moon Dance enters a new human body becoming the sister of two wealthy, Arizona brothers who live to pull pranks and hit high notes. Living with a new family of crazy Native American ranchers, Moon Dance reconsiders her rash emotional decision to not go home.

The Caged Wife, Black Lightening (Book 3) 

by Jo Hammers

Naomi Toombs discovers that her Amish husband has seven secret wives in the land of the English after he kicks their daughter to death in Naomi?s belly and causes the death of his five year old son. He then disappears in the morning rain. Suddenly alone and unable to make a living for herself on their twenty acre farm, Naomi relocates in the land of the English and starts herself a business. Six years or so later, fate lets her discover her missing husband and his seven secret wives. Naomi wants justice for her two dead children and her husband arrested and charged with murder and polygamy. Invited to attend a stranger?s wedding with a friend, she accidentally stumbles in on her husband, the groom, about to marry his eighth wife. All hell breaks loose. Behind the scenes, Osceola Black Lightning, a death angel, delivers justice, curses, and plagues on those attending the wedding from hell. Abraham Toombs, Naomi?s Amish father-in-law, suddenly finds himself interacting with a secret, family psychic and talking to the dead. Doing so, could get him shunned.

Ribbons of Darkness, Black Lightening (Book 7)

by Jo Hammers

Sarah Yoder, seventeen, is an Amish runaway. On the eve of her wedding, her fiancé turns violent and slaps her. In shock, she instantly decides to flee and make a life for herself amongst the English. Traveling at night is her only option. She fears day travel, knowing her father and the brethren will come after her. She is sure they will force her to return and go thru with her marriage vows to the Bishop’s son. After her first night of walking, she falls asleep beneath a bridge. When she awakes, she is chased by one of the brethren and in terror, seeks a hiding place. She steps from reality into the in between worlds. Ribbons of darkness flutter and Sarah becomes who she is destined to be.

Coffins & Cadavers, Black Lightening (Book 6) 

by Jo Hammers

Coffins and Cadavers Trucking Company hires a black, woman driver named Osceola Black Lightning to take over a dedicated run hauling bodies to a medical school in Chicago. While her company trainer, Jack Rabbitsky, simply wants her out of his truck, everyone surrounding the pair adores Osceola. Then as strange events begin to unfold, both Osceola and Jack find each other while sharing a paranormal experience.

The Joel Manuscript

Jo Hammers

Zook's Place, Black Lightning (Book 8)

by Jo Hammers

Hannah Zook, an Amish young woman of seventeen, dreamed of running away and meeting an English man. Two weeks from her eighteenth birthday, Hannah’s father picked out three Amish suitors for her to choose from insisting that she marry as well as join the church on her birthday. To avoid having to do her father’s bidding, she ran away to the city with her second cousin Uziah whose dream was to become a doctor. In the end, will the two Amish runaways chose education instead of love and marriage?

Night Hawk's Witch, Alien Encounters Series (Book 3) 

by Jo Hammers

Moon Dance, a stranded alien being from Planet Weelo, is surviving on Earth by stepping down thru the centuries taking host bodies to live in, that have been discarded by humans in death. Moon Dance has powers humans don’t. She is able to fly and heal human bodies. In her current incarnation, she has assumed the life of a fortune telling Tarot reader named Rio Rosa. Aliens are discovered in her vicinity harvesting humans for food. She fears that a doctor, she is in love with, has been one of those harvested. “Night Hawk’s Witch” is about portals to other worlds, love, betrayal, aliens, and cannibalism.

Zeek's Feet Detective Agency Series 

For Every Girl

By Amy Collins 

You have your own certain “style”. It may not be what society says it should be, it may not be the same as mine, but it is unique to you. You may be the one that never meets a stranger, or the one that stands back and observes, or the one who is always thinking of others. Whatever your style, don’t change it! Love it! Love being the wonderful young woman God has created you to be! Instead of looking for all the things that are wrong with you, look for the things that are right with you. No one else is like you. You are a jewel: precious, rare, and one of a kind. Love being “Just You”!

Things Left Unsaid, (Book 5), by JJ Hull 

Elizabeth’s world is falling apart when overnight she finds herself with a broken heart and without a boyfriend. Tormented by loosing Marvin, there is only one thing to do. She must uncover the truth about herself to discover what has driven Marvin away. Not to mention, she finds the loyalties of those in her life are tested since nothing is as it seems. To her surprise, her sworn enemies ally themselves with her as their true intentions come to light. Marvin has a new understanding. Love always has complications. He finds himself working behind the scenes to deal with the danger that waits to claim Elizabeth. Will he be successful in thwarting the mysterious dark souls in Elizabeth’s life?

Test the Gods, Zeek's Feet Detective Agency (Book 2) 

by Jo Hammers

Chester Holly is raised in a rusted out mobile home just outside of Gardenia’s garbage dump’s gates. His dream is to escape his life and become a private eye with a prestigious detective agency in California. Fate lets him, a lily white skinned guy, meet a tuxedo black skinned girl named Keesha and fall in love. His red necked, prejudiced family belongs to the Klan and his love affair costs his stepfather his chance to advance in the Klan’s social order. Keesha disappears and Chester thinks she has left him over something stupid he pulled. For three years he waits for her to call or return to him while voices cry in the night. Chester Holly discovers his community’s secret. They eat, sleep, and exist just feet away from padlocked gates to Hell.

Smoke and Mirrors, (Book 6), by JJ Hull 

Elizabeth finds herself surrounded by a close group of friends whom she trusts and finally accepts belonging to the Hall of Knowledge. After successfully thwarting the dark souls, you would think they could take time to relax and enjoy their fleeting freedom from the darkness. However, the dark souls still pose an unforeseen threat and will stop at nothing to capture Elizabeth. In the middle of the mess, friends bow out, leaving Elizabeth without the one person who would always be there for her. Elizabeth must look deep inside herself for the courage to embrace her fate. Will the darkness consume or destroy her in the end?


by Jo Hammers

Tootie Beecham ran away from a foster home at the age of sixteen. She dreamed of living a normal life in the suburbs as an educated woman. Being too young to find full time work, she created a vocation for herself as a tattoo model known as Tattootie. As a walking billboard of tattoos, she became well paid but often suffered ridicule from people she called normal. She meets three men from the same family who all develop feelings for her. In the end, only one can walk away with her love.

Between the Lines, (Book 3), by JJ Hull 

Elizabeth believes she may have found her soul mate. The only problem is, she can’t shake the draw Dustin holds over her. Those around her seem to have answers about her identity which they are unwilling to share and her searching has left her with no clue as to who she really is. When Elizabeth gets roped into Tilly’s latest scheme to rebel against the establishment, will she be able to handle the price if they get caught? Meanwhile, Trevor holds the keys to Tilly’s happiness and truly has her best interest at heart when he tries to settle an old score for her. As darkness pushes closer to Elizabeth, will it finally consume her?

Holy Ghost Stories for the Soul

by Jo Hammers

Holy Ghost stories for the soul has been written to inspire a new generation to seek and tarry for the infilling of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues. The author recalls times when men and women were baptized in the Holy Ghost, healed, danced in the spirit, and spoke in tongues. It draws a line in the sand showing that the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and the Spirit of God sweeping over congregations making them feel good are two separate experiences. The writer also speaks of a new move, an experience beyond the infilling of the Holy Ghost; just as the Holy Ghost is a step beyond simple salvation. God has promised the Latter Rain or a Baptism in Spiritual Fire.

Land of Angels, Part II (Book 2), by JJ Hull

Elizabeth has settled into the Hall of Knowledge. Although her challenges continue to add up, she has become comfortable living amongst her unconventional fellow trainees. Darkness and new enemies continue to loom around her, the Professors seem intent to find any reason to punish her, and nothing is as it appears. All put new emphasis on uncovering the mysterious truth about who she is. Meanwhile, Tilly’s rebellious streak brings her to battle her nemesis while attempting to control the endless men in her life. To add to Elizabeth’s stress, Dustin, the man she is drawn to, successfully ignores her while Marvin, the man she doesn’t know how she feels about, is determined to make Elizabeth his girlfriend.

Forever and a Day, (Book 4), by JJ Hull

The challenges in Elizabeth’s existence aren’t getting any easier. Darkness is closing in, her work is burying her, and those around her are playing games. As her spark with Dustin intensifies, Elizabeth finds herself in some unanticipated situations. Tilly’s wall comes tumbling down, revealing a scandalous escapade which she hopes Elizabeth can accept. Dark secrets surface about Elizabeth leaving her friends with their own decision about acceptance. Things are not always as they seem.

Paranormal Crossroads & Publishing 

Naomi's Dream, Black Lightening (Book 2) 

by Jo Hammers

Naomi Toombs, a farm wife, discovers that her Amish husband, who wanders off and returns not knowing where he has been, has seven secret wives. Her husband’s last and final attempt at wandering off, pretending to be Schizophrenic, causes the death of her two children. Not being able to handle the nightmare loss of her children, she leaves her Amish community and starts over in the land of the English after her husband had been missing for five years. Twists and turns in the story lead her to the discovery that her husband is a polygamist. Secret wives keep popping up.

Land of Angels, Part 1 (Book 1), by JJ Hull 

Returning home after a life on earth, seventeen year old Elizabeth Cantrell opens her eyes to find she had no memory. Thrust into an unfamiliar world, she is plagued with danger from an enemy with no recollection as to why. Elizabeth joins forces with her new best friend, Tilly, who eats and leaves men in her wake. Together, they tackle daily life in the Hall of Knowledge, a school where she will train to become a Keeper, while combating the dark forces around them. To add to her stress, Elizabeth is oddly drawn to Dustin, a mysterious man who secretly stalks her and Marvin, a handsome Keeper of the light.